How to find a Reputable Esthetician

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October 3, 2017
Skin Care at Every Age
Skin Care at Every Age
November 13, 2017

How to find a Reputable Esthetician

The growing demand in recent years for beautiful-looking skin, long lashes and fuller eyebrows has resulted in an entire industry dedicated to esthetic services. You don’t want to trust just anyone with your skin, so how do you find a reputable esthetician? Here are a few tips to help you choose wisely.

License and Certification, please.Certified Esthetician

Make sure an esthetician is carrying a current esthetics license from the state that she’s practicing in. A reputable esthetician also takes continuing education classes on a regular basis, updating their skills and knowledge to keep up on the latest skin care techniques and exactly how to apply them.

Although certification is not required to perform some services, like facials, it does shows that an esthetician meets state and industry competency and ethical standards.

Focus on Quality of EstheticianCheaper isn’t always better – or cheaper.

A difference in price between specialists for the same service could mean a number of things – the qualifications of the specialist, the amount of time devoted to the treatment, or a difference in the quality of the product being used.

With so many brands on the market available for use by estheticians, it is important to know which ones are are right for you and your skin type. Paying a little more for the right product to be performed by a knowledgeable esthetician will help you avoid a mediocre service with results that are less than satisfactory.


Communication is key.

A good esthetician always offers a consultation, taking the time to:

  1. Discuss what you hope to get out of your service
  2. Address any questions or concerns you may have
  3. Analyze your skin type and any skin conditions
  4. Customize your treatment/service
  5. Provide follow-up care instructions

Do your research.Google Reviews of Estheticians

There is plenty of information to be found online. Search Google reviews and ratings to see what others are saying; even if they received a different service, you can get an idea on how they felt about their experience. Check out the business’s Facebook page and website; is the information up-to-date? Do they post regularly on social media? Is the content relevant to the services they advertise/offer?

Bottom Line:, When searching for a quality esthetician, ask a lot of questions – particularly their certifications, the cost of treatments, products used, possible side-effects and the results they can guarantee. A reputable esthetician will never make a promise that she can’t deliver.

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